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  1. Hey Big K,
    Congratulations Dad to be! . That's great. Don't sweat about being a Dad. I'm sure you'll do just fine. I've seen posts here on CC from others that were concerned about how they were going to handle a baby being in a chair. You will do just fine. I've seen pictures of baby cribs & the side rail unfastens at one end, swings out so you can pull right up to the edge of the crib to reach your baby w/o having to reach over the side rail. This way you will have direct access to take care of your baby while still lying in the crib or to get your baby out of the crib & put your baby right on your lap & wheel away.

    What better day then on Thanksgiving to brake the news to your families. I couldn't think of there being a better day. BOY! your families must have been thrilled to find out that they have a new baby on the way in the family. When the baby is born don't spoil him/her to badly now ya'! hear? LOL!

    Take Care My Fellow Veteran,
    Bob S.
    Oldsmar, Fl
  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. My wife and I are 9 weeks pregnant and told our families yesterday for the first time. I don't have very much experience handling babies and now I have to do it from a chair but i'm sure I can adapt : )
  3. Hi BigK,
    I wish the same to you & yours.Thanks for the nice message.I'm sorry to hear about your best friend & your recruiter have lost there lives in Iraq.May they rest in peace. You look great in your Avatar picture with your lovely lady. Thanks for thinking of me.
  4. I hope you and yours are in good health for this years memorial day! We know more than anyone about what this holiday really means. Send a prayer out for one of my best friends SSG Ryan Maseth who went into the ARMY with me and died in Iraq and also my recruiter Seargent Nyron who also lost his life in Iraq. Take care and remind people to "NEVER FORGET"
  5. Hey Big K,
    Thanks for your visitor message. No, I don't have any plans for memorial day weekend. Good weekend to stay home where it's safe n sound.Hope your doing well. Your pup must be getting big by now.
    Good to hear from you again.

  6. Hey RAFS. Just wanted to say hi and see how your doing. You doing anything special for Memorial Day coming up?
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