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  1. hello! I'm sorry it took me awhile to respond. I'd love to "chat" with you. I'm not really ever on yahoo/msn anymore. so, it may just be easier if you e-mail me. that's the most efficient way to communicate with me. please feel free to shoot whatever my way!
  2. Amanda,
    I was brought to tears lookng at your wedding son was injured Jan 20, 2008 20 years old C5 C6 and I worry about his future. I am inspired everytime I see those who "rise above and shine on" after an injury such as yours and his. I am looking for words of wisdom to help us get through this difficult time. I would love to get an opportunity to chat with you one on one to help guide us on our way..............Look forward to hearing from you!
    Peace be with you!!!!
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