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  1. well i'm sorry to hear about your son. but his life certainly isn't over. at 1 year, it's about time for him to get busy trying out what he can and can't do. i'd tell him to get out as much as possible no matter what it is. he may have to find some new interests.

    a lot of the mobility issues depend on his strengths since everyone is different. the more he gets out and does, though, the stronger he'll get and his balance will get better.

    he'll be able to drive.

    i have the some bed with water tubes and i've never had a pressure sore. it is raised as well to make it easier to transfer in & out of.

    if he isn't in a manual chair, i'd recommend getting one just to make it easier to go out with friends and/or travel in.

    the main thing for him right now is to get out and go. best for the body & mind.

    feel free to email me through my site anytime if you have more questions...
  2. Son one year post....20 years old C5/C6 trying to figure out what level of independence he can strive for, when and how? Would you mind sharing some details of you recovery and road to independence?I know that's a lot to cover but any advise would be appreciated...........thanks
    Peace be with you!!!!!
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