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  1. Small world! My friend Rechelle goes there, she just had a baby, so I don't know if she i still attending. we met from PW and then she moved to Discovery Bay and off to SCI-Fit. thats awesome that he is going, tell Bianca, Joanie said hi Hope you guys had a fun Halloween!
  2. I know Placerville! Not very far from me. We live in Paradise. I've been here my whole life. Mike is from Kelseyville in Lake County. Mike is T-8. We attened Project Walk in June of 2008....right after he got hurt. Financially it was waaaaaay to hard to continue going so we only got a couple weeks there. He's been going to Sci-Fit in Pleasanton for a year or so. Have you been there? Maybe that's where you know us from.
  3. where in nor cal are you from? I'm originally from nor cal also in a little town called, don't always wanna say and I also attended Project Walk for about 2 years. what level is your husband by chance?
    sorry, that i write out of nowhere, but you both just look so familiar and i just cant put my finger on it
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