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  1. We did alright. Lost power for 5 days, then got it back, but only to half the house, oddly enough - appeared to be true all up and down the block; half of the outlets worked, half didn't. But we had the heat back, so that was OK. We ultimately got power back to the remainder of the house as well, but the stove (electric) and some of the other major, energy-intensive appliances still don't work. It certainly could have been worse, however; my dad just got his power back on Saturday - and I work with a number of people who live(d)? near the water, and have lost possessions and possibly homes. Glad to hear that you too were spared the worst of it!
  2. Hi Jim. Sandy treated me just fine, bequeathing only little inconveniences like a broken fence and four days without power (and a couple of strong lessons, like it's good to stock up on batteries and think of nonperishable foods). How did you fare?
  3. Hey Randy - how are you and how are things progressing by you in these post-Sandy days?
  4. That sounds just divine! I am afraid I do not have any stories to rival it, but I have greater hopes for autumn, my all-time favourite season. No more backpacking or field hockey for me at the moment, but it's a great time to curl up in the park with a book or roll along the river. After having had to take off a year between high school and college, I still celebrate that feeling in the air of a new year of New England campus life.
  5. Hi Randy! Yes, I'm off for the summer, but haven't taken any trips as yet. My wife is working several days a week and taking a couple of classes, which she is slated to complete within the next couple of weeks. After that, we're going up to Mystic for 4 or 5 days; from there we'll decide if the remainder of the summer holds any further excursions. I have spent the last several weeks sleeping late, reading books, going to dinner to catch up with old friends and otherwise enjoying the time off - not too shabby, I've got to admit. How about yourself? What have you been up to?
  6. Hi Jim! I have to admit that despite your inspiring me, I have not yet found a way to give summer it's due. You are a teacher, no? Off for the summer? Have you any great plans on which I might electronically tag along? And how is life in general?
  7. Hi Jim,
    I came to visit. Nobody should have a blank wall, especially one who sports such stellar friends, quotes Steinbeck, and changes my world with the revelation that Yellowstone might be accessible to me again. Hope all is grand.
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