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  1. went to outlaw race up here in ny. first outlaw race in over 5 years. great to see paully mcmahan and his crew, scott gerkin and steve kinser still have me in awe. those 2 have been on the road for almost 30 years now. tough bastards. i have been trying to track down brad doty to give him a huge thanks, he called when i first got hurt and had some great words of advice. ever chat with him?
  2. yup was there when kevin died, parked right next to them. another seemed like nothing crash. . .such a good guy.
    i went to a 360 race here last summer and tony stewart showed up and his crew chief is jimmy carr. . . hung out with him for a while. was the first time in 5-6 years i really looked a car over. those seats are frickin huge aren't they?!
  3. Were you there when Kevin got killed? I am stunned at how good Jason Sides is doing. We grew up together racing motocross. Back in the day he was no contender at the ASCS shows but now he is on top of his game. I haven't been to a race in years but the last time I went I was like shit they are hauling ass. Shake it off is right, give me a Hans and a full-containment seat and I would be good to go. It would not faze me a bit.
  4. hey. was just talking to some old outlaw buddies and going to hit the races up here in NY while they swung through. was thinking about you and how funny (not haha funny, but weird funny) out of the 500 plus outlaw shows i worked at you were probably in my first 10 and i kinda remembered it, but you know how racers are....shake that shit off. still shaking off kevin gobrecht memories today. hope you are keeping your elbows up man.
  5. Sounds like Carl was something else. One time we were parked next to him at the Kings Royal when I worked for GW and I thought Carl & Steve were going to kill each other in their hauler. All you could hear was yelling and the sound of wrenches flying.
    I had to keep my nose clean on the road while racing, I could not afford to have a negative image for any potential ride. Its probably different after you already make it as a regular on the WoO. With that said I did manage to make enemies with Ronald Laney, his girlfriend used to spend more time at my trailer than his and she came with him! She had a rep. for jet-skiing nude. He died from a broken neck in Florida during speedweeks around 2000 at East Bay.
    I quit going to the races because I was sick of answering the same questions from everybody and dealing with rumors too. There was a rumor that I was late getting to the track so I did not put seat belts on before my race when I got hurt! Can you believe that.
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