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  1. I am wroting on your the time you read this (if you do) it will have been written and I won't still be writing it. I can't say writtening and writing is inaccurate, so I went with in I am doing it know but when it's viewed I will have already written it....but that brings us back to writtening. So I wrote on your wall, but am doing it at present....which left me the creative and semi-accurate.....wroting. I am totally sober.
  2. I like killing small butterflies
  3. Tinsel is soooo 90's and it just looks awful against the cylinder head and wtf did you do to its manafold, inlet manafold is manky and the exhaust manafolds gasket needs replacing, and my dad can't help throwing things, he picked up that bad habit when he was in the home, a porter use to climb into the bed in the early hours of the morning and abuse him, saying it was the best way to clear his bowel, it traumatised him to no end!!
    Jeez, I'm surprised you noticed my hair, I done it myself, nice isn't it and Bubba is off "servicing" sumtin somewhere so Mellow is picking me up from the quilt making session later today, she is getting a head start and will be wearing no underwear, just hope I don't get one of them hot flushes of mine!!
    Will you bung some heat under that pot, I'll have some stew when I get home..
  4. Just getting my eyebrows done and from there me and the girls are going shoe shopping, oh how I love my shoes!! Will you be fixing that engine soon, I chipped a nail this morning while trying to prop my mirror up against it while donning my lipstick, if I'm in bed when you get home, no drunken romps,,,,,,, you never talk to me afterwards or even cuddle, you acheive and go straight to sleep,,,,how hurtful!
  5. I had no udder choice but to hit you over the head, ,,, I hate it when you use your teeth.................. you KNOW how sensitive I am..
  6. me nipple rings are attached to me testical clamps, you KNOW that sooooo I can't tke 'em off.....JEEZ
  7. It's sooooo cold my nipples hurt!!
  8. I'm sooooo telling flossie...well her carcass anyway
  9. My dearest put up that photo of me you found in the laundry room!! or that you in my wig???
  10. Yes, my dear, I can drive....but I want you to do me a little favour while on the trip,,,,good girl,,,,you know what daddy likes.......
  11. My love it was only the one!! He SWORE he would be kind and that he knew a lot about gators!! I sharpened it for you with my new pocket knife...I need stitches, can you drive me???
  12. Oi, stop using me fooken eye liner to write on bathroom walls, I'm sick of all these calls I am getting from men who call themselves BUBBA and they keep asking me to spoon with them.....Whatever that means!!!
  13. Ah sweet mucky boots have befouled the doily you so tenderly tatted. I tried to wash it....really I did. I had no idea Flossie (rest her soul) had left her lipstick in the blender....*sob* But I did make you a 'man cabinet' to store your things in. I did use a black liner for a grease pencil.....I bought you a lovely shimmery green to replace it. Dinner in 5??
  14. He showed you the Albert and ring?? Oh my! ;-)
  15. My thistle, my sweetie, giver to all and acceptance from none, I am back from a three week banter with god and I'm partied out, oh, and keep this to yourself,,,God has a nipple ring and a prince albert...
  16. Oh no! Time to sing "pretend we're dead" and wear silly hats? So a funny thing happened on the way to the eyeliner store.
  17. Is it me???
  18. I see dead people!!
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