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  1. We did some fireworks with my in-laws.Grilled some steaks and watched LSU.
  2. Geno
    Thanks for the NY greeting. I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year too. We kept it low key, like normal, and hung out with my wife's mom & dad and played dominos. I'm such the party guy.
  4. Glad you like the gator head.Al sounds good.Hope you like the cd.
  5. Geno,
    Thanks for the package. When I show my oldest the gator head, he says "Is that a real alligator head?" When I said yes, he says "Ewww." I think it's cool. They did finally pet it's head. I think I'l call him Al.
    Merry Christmas.

  6. I hear ya on that one.Sounds like enjoyed the trip.
  7. As far as Disney Princesses go, Belle (from Beauty & the Beast) has my vote. She was with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty when we had the pix taken with the kids and Belle was the cutest, second to my wife of course.
  8. Hey Mike,

    Glad that everyone had a good time.I'd take a pic with
    Now it's time for Santa.

  9. Hey Van Damn,
    We made it to Florida and back without killing each other. We actually had a great time, it's not often we can get all of my wife's brothers and sisters together for that long of a period. The kids really loved Disney World, although our oldest wasn't too fond of getting his picture taken with Cinderella.
    I hope you and yours have a wonder Christmas.

  10. Mike,

    Have fun and be safe.Keep up the great job you're doing.
  11. Geno,
    Thanks for the invite. Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner, this has been the week from hell. We've been so busy getting ready for our Florida vacation, heading out first thing in the morning and going to hit the space museum in Huntsville on the way down.
    I hope you and yours are doing well. What does Topanga think of being a big sis?

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