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  1. Hi! When do you plan on being in Gatlinburg? I'm going to meet everyone for dinner Sunday and Tuesday for sure. I think they're going to Biltmore on Monday, I'm going to skip that one. I just had my left kidney removed on the 1st, I'm doing pretty good but don't want to push it. I'm not sure where you're located, how far you have to travel? I'm lucky, I've got about eight miles to Gatlinburg, it's the parking that stinks! If the Peddler is where I think it is I'll probably park near the library. Looking forward to meeting you! Trudy
  2. Heads up to you also, lol. I really haven't been 'active' here this year, as I used to be. I am just realizing there are a bunch of us wheelerZ in this area. I'll get to meet you guys in G'burg/Sevierville when Bente gets here. Just a hop n a skip from you guys, I'm in Mooresburg.
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