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  1. "I don't believe in God and don't spend much time thinking about the creation of the universe or the human race either. I'm a firm believer of the Golden rule and try not to offend those of faith unless they start getting "preachy"."

    Doingtime,I was going through OX's past threads and saw your post.I said that's exactly how I feel.I think it has alot to do with my mother and my respect for her,and I converted instead of always having been atheist.I am only human,maybe that's why I filter my thoughts on the subject...unusual for me I know.I don't think I can disrespect by crossing the line.I come close to the line,but try not to cross it...religious beliefs are SENSITIVE.

    I love the quote.
  2. Thanks for the compliments. You sound pretty cool too. I'd put you on my list of members I' d like to get to know better.
  3. I just figured since I had some time to look at some of your threads.I've been cruising around reading some of the threads of people that I think are cool.Trying to figure what you might start next that's all. Gunnslinger8
  4. Great picture,she has a look like...let me get down daddy,I want to go play.
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