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  1. Can't run out of gas. if you do, have them wheelchair you, it'll save you. I didn't stiffen up as badly on my return flight, but on my origination flight, I was totally contracted.
  2. On these long flights and trips, what do you do when you "run out of gas"? Like in the airport or out and about seeing things? I'm always afraid I'm going to crash and go stiff. Although I just did a pretty extensive trip and I did quite well. The cold continues to sneak up on me and makes me stiff. Hate it!
  3. I'm not ready to ski yet, mostly going to see girlfriends friends and introduce my daughter to them. Probably going to st charles medical center to visit nurses and pt/ots, wonderful place if you have to go to a hospital. Shirts don't bother me, just pants and shoes, shorts to a lesser extent.
  4. Trekker,
    My parents have kept me posted about FL temps. Wish I could be there. 75 degrees nd shorts would be great. Have a good safe, fun trip to SF and Bend. What do you plan to do in those places? Are you a little freaked out returning to the scene of your injury area? Yes, I've been bugged by not only wearing jeans, but fleece, in order to stay warm in these cold temps. I definitely freeze up and get stiff more often now. Our mountains already have over 6 feet of snow. You're right, I should try X-country skiing. I plan to snow shoe some. Have hiked a little ways up our local mtn in 5" of snow with yak traks. Snow has melted back up to the 4k foot level right now, which is fine with me.
  5. Hi Revis,
    It's nice in florida, just a little cooler would be great, no snow here yet. We are planning on going to san francisco and bend oregon after Christmas for a couple of weeks. Not looking forward to wearing long pants again but oh well. If you have lots of snow,can't you go cross country skiing? That seems like it would be an excellent exercise for the winter.
  6. Hey trekker6, I sent you a PM a few days ago. Did you get it? Hope you have a good Thanksgiving...would love to be in the FL warmth right now. That would feel so good as compared to the cold, wet, snowy, rainy gloom of the Northwest right now.
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