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  1. Hey Dan...saw you were on here. I just keep looking for new folks so I can tell them there is hope and about PW. Have a good day.
  2. Hey dan...just sent you an e-mail
  3. I'll be at PW tomorrow. Call me as soon as you have info. i am as anxious as you are.
  4. Going to bed. I'll calll you after I speak with Tammy tomorrow.
  5. what up?
  6. Just cruising... I like to go on the New Injury page and encourage folks and spread the Project Walk gospel! Met at guy today from the Fort Worth area who runs a gym who will be helping his first SCI client soon. Nice guy. His name is Louis Ray...same as Louis'...funny. He said his client went to other gyms and they told her they could help her once she could move her legs!!! Louis is very anxious to get going. He is only here for a week. kim, Bri's trainer said you should be awesome if you stay a month.
  7. Hey Dano...What's up?
  8. What's up Teri?
  9. Yeah it is........already on Pacific time!
  10. Hey Dan, isn't it past your bedtime?
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