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  1. I got pissed off at some people and their comments so I wanted to delete my account! Yes the clinical trial is SCI related. It is a 30 week program 3 times a week for 45 minutes. The first 6 weeks I am still standing and then the next 6 weeks I am on a glider and then the next 6 weeks we add FES! and then it goes back down to still standing. I do a 24 hour urine culture every other sunday. It is to see if my standing and such reduces the amount of calcium in my urine, as well as bone density.

    I am already living in NC, we are just moving to Charlotte which is 2 hours from where we live now. I went to high school there so I am thinking it won't be too much of a change.
  2. huh?? why were u tryin to delete your account here?? What is the clinical trial u are going to it SCI related, i assume it is?? How cool, i am interested to hear what it is about. Lastly, how come u guys r moving to That will be quite a change for u huh?? R u excited about it??
  3. Hi! Well I was trying to delete my account and deleted all my stuff! I shall add them back in due time! Not much going on just doing a clinical trail at the Rehab center and planning on moving to Charlotte, NC next year!
  4. hey......what happened to all your cool pics??? Why did u remove the album?? What else is going on

  5. Thanks Evonne. I am happy that someone does. Hope the New Year brings happiness for you.
  6. love yr new pics....and btw i do listen to what u say. You said toi me earlier u did not come to CC anymore because nobody ever listened or cared what u said...i for one do on both fronts. Keep posting and Happy New Year
  7. Thanks Evonne!! Yeah haven't been posting as much for the reason, i feel nobody really reads what i say!! but i guess i should just post to put in my opinion!! I hope that you have a great Holiday as well!!!
  8. How u been've been quiet lately, i hope all is well?? You n your better have a Happy Holiday season k!
  9. cool pics in da the fall ones, u guys look so happy
  10. where's the album pics lik u hav on my space?? what cha been up to ;lately?
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