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  1. Hi Pam. UW wouldn't take my insurance so I stayed down here and found a good orthotist who used to work or intern or something there. I just got them this week and they gave me that last bit of support so I could stand up with the walker and lock my own knees. I have been working very hard, but now I'm really motivated to work even more. I'm amazed I have come this far in 2 years. How are you?
  2. Hi Pam, I'm still deciding whether to try to come as inpatient or out. (I haven't found someone who can talk to me about both and how they compare.) I'll let you know what's up. The new place is ADAPT and they are more into building balanced complete strength and building on what you have whatever you can do. Same great people. I'm sure you are inspiring people wherever you are working!!
  3. Hi Darla- I hope you are well. Think of you often, and speak of you more than that! I am in outpatient rehab now, working primarily in the seating clinic. I see the PW has changed names, but still the same concept right? Keep up the hard work- maybe we'll see you and your hubby soon? Take good care, and Happy Holidays! Love, Pam OTR/L
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