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  1. I'm glad to here your "Best Friend" is doing well now,and yeah lights are a good idea. I never been to a State Park but there's always the future.

    Take Care, You and the family.
  2. Hi Gunnslinger
    Sky ate a rock that wouldn't pass so she had to have an operation to remove the rock. She is doing well but still has a bucket on. She gets it off on Thursday. I bought a used TiLite ZRc and added the FreeWheel. We got a chance to try it out a few times before her operation. The combo is so nice. Light weight and smooth and safe. I am adding lights in back and a flag so cars won't run us over when we are in parks. My wife and I and Sky are going on vacation soon. We will be near Armstrong State Reserve - it gets very dark in the redwoods even during the day - so I am thinking lights are needed. I'll try to get pics and post them.
  3. Zen, hope you and your canine friend are doing well.
  4. Hi Gunnslinger8. I'm not sure I am doing this right - so who knows where this will be posted. Re taking a service dog into a restaurant, I am with your friend. I would rather leave my dog in the Van (if it is cool enough) and then bring her a treat from the restaurant if she hasn't already eaten the Van. Of course she is 87 pounds and a wild beast - maybe that is why I don't want to take her into the restaurant.
  5. Your dog therapy dog.quick story.My friend and myself ( he's in a chair para )we were at the mall few months ago...going to get something to eat.We went to Ruby Tuesday's he had his small therapy dog,they told us we had to eat outside on the porch area ( summer very hot out )I was going to get angry,but he looked at me and said it's okay.Against the law ADA!!!!!!!!
  6. Hey Zen12many,that was some of the best advice on any forum I have received.
    The best answer to a question,sometimes is something not to do with it.Think outside the box. Thanks Gunnslinger8
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