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  1. OH no shit, santa cruz, nice! I wanted to actually visit there. I heard one of the places near by has white sand beaches, i forgot the name of it. Its funny the no cal beaches are nothing like so cal!
  2. Mid-Cal, LOL. I just moved out to Santa Cruz. If I am not mistaken, you are in the San-Hoe area. We should hook-up for a bite or a coffee.
  3. hey man are you in no cal or so cal?
  4. Just logged-in and saw you thread. Congrats, stud. I'll keep in touch with you when you get up into the YAY Area.
  5. awesome we'll have to meet up fo sho once I get out there
  6. If you want a big city feel you can look at San Jose...most likely you'll be right in Silicon Valley and San Jose is the biggest city around there. If you want small town, the closest you're gonna get is Milpitas. That's still probably bigger than you had in mind. It's all good, though, if you can get by the high real estate prices, everything out here is pretty cool.
  7. well my town is quite small, the college town I live in, is also quite yah I really don't know how a real city is like
  8. San Jose is nice. There's going to be a lot more choices as to what to get based on your budget. Shit man, you can always buy a house if you got a lil nest egg saved up. What's the city like where you live now? Are you going to want something similar to that out here?
  9. hah yah son, Im' moving out there in augusut I believe, and IM" not sure where I'm going to live exactly, I'm open for suggestions!
  10. Hey fucker, you movin to Cali anytime soon? I'll be moving south to Santa Cruz in July or sometime before...I'll be finishing up my PhD at UC Santa Cruz. Did you say you're looking at the San Jose area or somewhere around there?
  11. I think they yanked might have to watch it in halves on MegaVideo (it's one of the links on there).
  12. hey bra happy new year to u as well! I'll check it out!
  13. Hey bro...if you haven't seen it yet, check out Gran Torino:
  14. Happy New Year!
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