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  1. I have a spotter who steadies me and we always use a safety rack.
  2. hey bigman, whats the word?
  3. Walmart has them online, so does Push, Pedal, Pull.

    re: Powerlifting. Let me look into that for you. BC of my back i cant squat heavy so I do push/pulls. I'll contact the folks up here at UCO's Paralympic training center and see who I can send u too.

    be strong
  4. Sounds like a plan.. I will look into dinding them asap.

    As far as lifting I life regularly, and jave email and tried to find a way to get involved in powerlifting. No luck so far with any responses.

    Thnak you,
  5. those pedals I mentioned run around 50 bucks and have a tension control knob. that and a cardio/heart rate monitor and a timer and you are good to go until u can get a vita glide, racer or handcycle.

    Man your neck is HUGE. Ever consider wc bodybuilding or powerlifting?

    your bro, Brock
  6. Hey thank you for your response. Yea I need something to get some cardo in that is not going to cost me a whole lot. Unfortunately money is a issue on my end and the main reason I have no accessible toys (for lack of better words).

    I am a t11 complete there is nothing I can not do sitting down. I mean nothing. I am crazy, crazy blessed. Any help on ideas would be awesome..

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