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  1. Haha tickets to the show Yeah i'm good dude, just started seeing a new chick so it's all good. Yeah seen some of those pics when you were in Thailand looks like you had an awesome time, damn, some tasty chicks too Good luck with getting a car man, you'll love it, so much freedom.
    Any take it easy bro
  2. i got my tickets to the gun show

    im good bro. hw ru? i just float about n read posts n post randomly myself hehe. so wats new with u mate? fill a brada in myself, just gt bk from thailand and now looking for a car! Just kicking bk really, like every other day lol. hope things r good over there on the dark side
  3. Hey man been a while since i've seen ya on here, hows things dude? Everytime I see your name (McLovin) I have to laugh, cool name lol.
  4. Cheers mate, you have a great xmas aswell dude!
  5. merry xmas mate!
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