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  1. lol, Have you heard of Salem? it's about 20 miles north on Hi-way 60. This is a great place and you can Ask Dr. Young questions and he will answer, it's great!!!
  2. yeah, I have noticed there is alot of good info on here!! and no I have never even heard of that park! ha
  3. Ok, well that is not that far from here. You ever hear of Spring Mill State park? I'm only about 2 miles from it. Kinda nice to meet people here from Indiana but then I hate that you had to find this place, But there's so much good info here!
  4. Hi, sunman is a small town.... Its about an hour and fifteen min from indy and 45 min from cincinnati!
  5. Hi, Where is Sunman? I'm from Mitchell, about 10 miles south of Beford.
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