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  1. Hey Joe, I been ok! My two son's been keeping us busy at the Casino in French Lick. They started in a Battle of the Bands, "Classic Rock" 16 total that made it in and they advanced all the way to the final 4 but were put out last weekend. so we are pretty proud! They made the Front page of the Bedford paper monday and that was really cool for them! I been trying to learn how to play a 6 sttring but not had too much success!!!! Glad to hear you are doing OK!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I've been alright... I can't seem to figure out what I want to spend my time doing. My priorities are all messed up and I feel constantly overwhelmed. Otherwise... I'm A-Okay. How about yourself?
  3. Hey Joe, How have you been? not too many of us hoosiers here
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