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  1. Hey Corey! You married that girl yet?
  2. I would def. have a penis like yours than something that looks like that! god damn
  3. Ha!!!!! Oh Man Corey, I had one gal rip me for it and told me she would NOT be friends with that picture and I said "Sorry Mam it stays!!!" I don't know whats worse having it like that or having one you can see and know it is just dead...... kinda like mine!! Lol
  4. hah christ, i bet if you changed that picture you would get more visitors to your profile
  5. Exactly what you think!!!!!!! yeah it's a guy's pecker after he pissed on some live wires. kinda gives a new meaning to taking care of it know what I mean!!! Good conversation piece though! Lol
  6. Dude what the hell is that thing in that picture?
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