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  1. WOW!!! you know this SCI stuff sucks!! I had a motorcycle wreck where a little old 83 yr old lady made a left turn in front of me on the hi-way! they flew me to U of L where they missed my burst fracture. I went for 50 days before they found it, which I told them it was broke while I was laying on the hi-way. I had broken it at L4 & 5 when I was 13
  2. part 3: I have been feeling "better" lately and last MRI showed the lesions is shrinking. So, it's a wait and see game for now. Another MRI in 5 months.
    I've been trying to read as much of these forums as I can, but damn, some of it just breaks my heart, and makes me feel guilty that I was freaking out about what's wrong with me, where in reality, I should be thankful.
    Wow, sorry for being so long winded, but thanks for listening/reading. This shit is very scary.
  3. part 2: Sent me for an MRI and low and behold - there it was. Nice sized lesion in C2-3 area. I had an LP (spinal tap) that turned out well, but back in the tube for 2 more MRI's - brain and thorasic. Nothing there. Ok, I do have a brain, but no other lesions. An EMG showed demylenation on my left side. My left ankle is very "slow" but doesn't bother me too much I can deal with that. I have TM, but was/am extremely lucky. I am fully mobile. My left chest and shoulder area constantly feels like I have bugs crawling and then every few minutes, it will feel like someone stuck me with an ice pick. That sucks. Some spasming in my left shoulder and arm, but that only happens about once or twice a day. My right side is hyper-sensitive to cold, left side loves it. Talk about frayed wires.
  4. Part 1: Came from an effin' cold and me not resting, we think. I got "sick" in July 2008, and let it go. Was down in Evanville 1st week in August and felt pretty good. Then I got really bad, I went to 2 GP's who helped less than my dog did. After a severe reaction to antibiotics, developing tremors and just not feeling well, I went to the ER on Sept. 1, 2208. By that time, I had parathesia in both hands and both feet. I thought I was going to die. Any who, the ER did a CT, EKG, chest X-ray and sent me home with a "see a neurologist." Luckily, I hooked up with a great team in Merrillville who are associated with the Cleveland Clinic. They believed me.
  5. This is a good place!!!!!! About everything I know about my SCI has come from here. The nurse's and Dr. Young will answer any questions you have. Also the people are really helpful. How did your SCI come about?
  6. Hey hoosier - how's it going? I'm at day 2 @ 225, and so far nothing. Neuro said 3rd day should tell me if I can of can't stay there. We'll see.
  7. Hey, I'm from southern Indiana. glad to have you hear but hate you had too!!
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