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  1. Jodi I left you a message under my profile.
  2. Oh, and we don't know why the officer didn't testify. We were told (by the prosecutor) that the other prosecutor put a motion in for him to come testify but the judge wouldn't allow it. So he ruled without hearing from our side.
  3. Thanks for reading and responding Yes, we have a civil case against the driver and her parents. Our civil lawyer has told me a few times that the criminal case has nothing to do with the civil case so I don't know how much he has checked up on it. I haven't heard back from him since I wrote him about the outcome. I don't know what their defense will even be since they didn't have one for the criminal case - they just ended up being able to get it thrown out (which I don't think is possible with a civil case?). My husband is T3 ASIA A. His accident was just over a year ago. We're still adjusting to everything, but doing pretty well most of the time (all things considering). Our kids help to keep our moods up
  4. Jodi, I received your message and I reviewed your account of the criminal case. Do you have a civil case pending against the driver? Civil cases are much easier to prosecute successfully. If so, was your civil lawyer monitoring the criminal proceeding? It sounds like the prosecutor did not do a very good job. I know you want the driver to be punished criminally but you may get more justice (and mete out more punishment) in civil court. Regarding ther criminal case, why didn't the police officer testify? Also, what level is Ryan's injury? I am a T-6. Please remember there is life after SCI! My wife will be the first to tell you that...
  5. Hi there. I am totally drained right now, but can't pass up free legal advice, so if you ever feel like it, would you share your thoughts on the criminal case against the driver who caused the accident which paralyzed my husband? I have been keeping a journal since his accident just over 14 months ago. The last two (most recent) postings give a good summary of the current situation with the case. Thanks


    and here is our family website if you want more info on the accident:
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