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  1. Well I'm a new friend and I live up north...wink...wink
  2. lol.most of the old men in my life didn;t get wiser with age..sad. If I had friends from up North I would def invite them to visit..I just don;t have any now
  3. Well I try to be a nice guy but the wise man might be a streach. I guess if experience makes us smarter I'm pretty smart. Thats funny when I was little I wondered how my grandpa ever got so smart? I know that answer now. I'm so jealous of you right now because the wind is blowing about 25 mph, snowing, and 29 degrees. Do you ever invite friends down to your warm state?
  4. Yes, I am very lucky..they said it was warmest winter in Florida to date..scary..and you too seemt o be a very nice and wise man.
  5. I saw ur post and your very observant. Your so lucky to be in Florida. Its still cold up here but its been a warmer winter than normal.
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