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  1. Hi guy
    Arty the woman who flipped her bird in the wheat field is down visiting. Her plane is in great shape considering. Just needs a new pod, and one lift strut and one leading edge spar. I told her about you, and she wanted to know how old your fuel line was.
    We just had a great time at are local grass strip. My daughter made a video. The thread is under sport etc. Take care

  2. Hi this is my friends plane. She was on her way back from Oshkosh when her engine quit. She came in to hot into a wheat field in Montana. She didn't even get a scratch, and the plane is in pretty good shape. We think that she had a gas leak and ran out of fuel. What are you up to?
  3. Great picture of your Rans!!!
  4. Hi guy Here is link to my very good friends biog she is writhing on here way Oshcosh.
    I wrote a post in Recreation and sports (flying again) with pitchers of my planes
    Hows it going. You look pretty buff in that pitcher. I've been going to the pool for exercise. Swim some laps with flotation on my legs. Been trying to figure out how to make my rans two axis. Take care David
  5. I started out in a weight shifd quick. I had a lot of fun with that plane. Just to be in the air. It could fly as slow as 15 mph. Used to land on the local plywood mill roof. I flue backward on the beach in a 28 mph wind. 40 was about top speed. After 23 years of flying, may go back to the old days. Sure was a lot cheaper.
  6. I hope to hit the lottery and buy a rudderless Ercoupe someday.
  7. David.... I did not know it was a single place. Of course it is your decision amd you know your capabilities but I would not fly that plane. You will probably be disappointed after flying a Kolb. The QS performance is going to be much less impressive. If you do choose to fly it... do iton a calm day!!!!
    Not married... divorced... my 17 year old son lives with me every other week.
  8. I crash a Kolk Firestar Been flying for 23 years. I have owned four planes, and flown solo in about ten different aircraft. My friend wants to lone me his single place Quicksilver, no feet required. Am not planning to fly alot simple because it cost a lot of money.
    Being an incomplete, its best not to make any plans for a couple of years.
    How are you doing. Have you found any fun things to do. Do you have a wife to bug? Take care David
  9. I guess to answer your question.... The fact that you are asking my opinion tells me you are questioning whether you should fly with your friend or not. That means the answer should probably be no. Alot of my decision of whether to go would be based on the level of your friends flying skills and the condition of the airplane and the level at which it is maintained. A two axis quicksilver would not be my first choice of airplanes to return to the air after having come close to dying once before. Personally I would not do it.

    To answer the other part of your question... No I have not flown since my accident except on a commercial airliner. Mostly because the airfield where I was based was closed and sold. They built a new high school on the property and the group of flyers have all dispersed to other regional fields in the area. I have not kept in touch with most of them.

    What kind of plane did you have your accident in and how many hours had you flown?

  10. Hi I'm the other plane crash guy. Have you been flying since your crash. I went up in a pacer last week, but being fully in closed it was not the ultralight experience. My other friend flys a two axes Quicksilver and want me to fly it. What do you think? Should I do it.
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