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  1. Episis!
  2. Kalo Pascha, file.
  3. Damn, that sounds really nice...Ellada, huh; I'm guessing not the most accessible place on the planet, but overall, how did that trip fare?
  4. I wish. Just an Australian island in the Great Barrier Reef (Hamilton Island). I went to Greece last year. I loved it more than I ever expected.
  5. Did you go to Greece, malaka?
  6. Chronia Polla! Just got back from holidays and finally have proper net access. It's good to be home!
  7. Chris, I saw the first half of this's a pretty good flick and I'm sending it to all of my friends on here:
  8. Hronia Polla!
  9. In fact, I do. I can read and write, as well. I am not familiar with Skype. I am going to have to google this because You aren't the first person to bring this up.
  10. Finally I'm first at something!

    Do you actually speak Greek at all? I'd love to have a chat over Skype some time.

    Yiasou patriote.
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