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  1. Have HO Stage 4 and looking for referral to any physicians who have experience in this field. Most interested in information regarding physical therapy as I prefer to deal with the pain and range of motion issues until it begins to effect my ability to function.

    I am allergic to aspirin and currently able to manage Celebrex 200MG per day and have recently reduced my dose to 100MG per day.

    I go to gym every other day and have managed to gain back the 25 pounds I lost during my recovery. As a side note I had a hernia about a month after surgery and it was missed by several doctors and caused a multitude of mis diagnosis and had a major effect in my rehab.

    I would be most appreciative of any feedback from both members as well as moderators.

    For reference purposes I am a resident of Northern NJ.

    If positing this thread to the appropriate forum makes sense please feel free to do so or I can do so if that would be more proper.
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