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  1. That's okay. It didn't confuse me I need all the info I can get. lol Have a nice day. Mona
  2. I just realized that I sent the GNC info to you instead of Maryonwheels. But just the same, everyone needs cranberry info right? I am sorry for the confusion
  3. Yep Easter was good. Thank you. Mona
  4. Thank you so much. I honestly never thought I would be able to do a floor transfer. I always needed that extra push to get my butt up on the seat!! Happy Easter, I hope that it went well for you
  5. Wow that looks good! Thank you so much for passing it on to me. Happy Easter. {hugs} I still haven't gotton over how good you are getting into your chair from the floor. Nothings stoppin you! Mona
  6. Mona, I know you posted a thread on cranberry pills. I went to GNC yesterday and found something that we all may be able to benefit from. Here is the link. on the back of the bottle it says serving size:2 tablespoons Super Cranberry concentrate blend: 23,800 Mg's. I am going to try it!!
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