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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I left messages for the PT, but she hasn't returned the message -- I'll try to call her again. I've been overwhelmed -- much to my regret, my Dad has not gotten much therapy. I'll be in touch.
  2. It's been awhile have you changed your mind?
  3. yep I was holding it for you. I believe I said $350.
  4. Gosh sorry for the delay - I may have found a PT who can teach me how to e-stim. But oddly, she doesn't have a device. Uh, do you still have yours and how much $$ did you want for it?
  5. Hi yeah it's still available. Doesnt CPMC have some rehab clinic in the city? I would think they have a pt who would have some exprience with them.
  6. Hi Leschinsky,

    I still haven't found a therapist for my Dad (aargh!). But, I wanted to check with u -- is the device still for sale?
  7. Sounds good. But first, pls let me check and see if I can find a good therapist who can teach me. I'll be in touch soon cuz it's quite urgent for my Dad.
  8. The guy I bought it from last year said he only used it a few times and I never even turned it on s it should be practically new.

    I go to sf sporadically have no plans to now. I could meet you halfway, Sausalito or Mill Valley?
  9. Is the empi in good condition? How old (or young) is it?

    I've read posts which say that it's easy, but an OT did it successfully for my Dad after testing various spots. A PhD tried and couldn't get any response.

    I can drive to Marin, but just wondering... r u ever in SF?
  10. Ah, I cant help you there as I've never used one I was going to consult a PT. Let me know when you make up your mind.
  11. I'm interested. But, I'm just worried that I can't figure out how 2 use it cuz I'm kinda like "Monk" -- and, I need to know exactly what to do.
  12. I'm in Novato
  13. Hi - I'm in San Francisco. Where r u in Marin?
  14. yeah I'm in Marin and still have the empi available.
  15. Hi L,

    I just saw your posting re the empi 300pv. Are you in the SF Bay Area? I hope so - cuz I'm interested in buying the empi 300pv.

    Hope to hear from ya

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