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  1. Still the primary care taker for my son yet I believe he may be better off with other care as I am not sure he is motivated to do more on his own with me always around to pick up the pieces...What is your injury level again? What do you need help with? Can you drive? Still searching for a better way...Do you work?
  2. Hi I go hurt when I was 15 and my Mom helped me with my personal care after I was released from hospita/Rehab which wasn't good as I got lazy and she did more and more. Ironically her hurting her back and me ending up in an old folks home was the motivater I needed. I went back to rehab in the summer between graduation and first year university and became independant. I had live in help to cook and clean and to allievate my families concerns but after a couple years I basically went it alone with housekeeping 2 x 1/2days a week. This was approx. 28 years ago as I am now 49 Good luck and e-mail me if I can be of assistance. Aloha Bruce
  3. Hi Bruce,
    You seemed to have moved on in your life and I was wondering if you could share how you made the transition to managing care etc.? I guess that is assuming your family are not your caretakers. My son is 23 years old 4 years post and our family are his caregivers....I will be happy to continue on this mission as long as I am able or on this planet but want him to be prepared for life without us (not in a home) and dont believe our involvement is always in his best interest. I know that is a lot to think about but was it of your own desire or were you forced into managing you care without family etc. Sorry for the intrusion but a road well traveled is easier to navigate.............peace be with you!
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