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  1. you really must join the party on someone's wall...
  2. Oh no! A total eclipse of the mind. BTW! Hi mellow. my head is on vacation this week.
  3. so the world may be rightside up again.
  4. Darnit i can't email you my email...if you still have johns from the other day mine is on there. I'm me on!!
  5. Yes honeybunch I am stalking you!! LOL...All of the site is down. Monika confirmed it there. I have such delicious gossip for you!! I will email you my email...btw...john's crazy song was apropos john!!

    xoxo silkstalkings
  6. hi vickie,

    are you stalking me? you crazy bitch! i haven't been able to log onto apparylzed for the last day of so. i get a error message instead. i had just read a post simon had put up about this and now i have it. if you see any way to resolve it on my end please let me know or perhaps you can tell simon about me.
    husband has been gone 3 weeks but comes home tomorrow. we just talked and he had a few cocktails and i'm exhauted just listening to him. i guess this is my last night to sleep without snoring. yeah!
    tomorrow i'm heading to orlando to an independence expo. i'm meeting up with a friend which i met at summer camp. it's something different to do and i'm in the market for a new w-c. dr just wrote me a script yesterday so now i need to figure out what to get.

    do you have many friends here? this is a good site from what i've seen. the only reason i'm on now is that you're message came through my home e-mail.

    you take care,
  7. Hey you...I guess I am a member here
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