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  2. Yup I am! I wish I could enjoy the weather more but i'm working all day usually but at least I still have the weekends!
  3. I am in Fresno......u r in the bay area right???? Looks like u found u a CA beauty....she is lovely!
  4. hey there, I'm loving it! I wish I had more time to soak up the sun but its definately a state I love. What part of CA do you live in?
  5. Hey how you been?? howz CA treatin ya??
  6. hey there! not yet, I'm leaving tomorrow (Monday) to fly out! project walk starts Tuesday!
  7. hey.......just checkin in. did u ever make it out to Cali??

  8. hey thanks you 2! I will!
  9. hey man, just wanted to wish u a Happy Holiday season. Look me up when u get to Cali n good luck

  10. owis the empi focus?? have not looked into that 1 yet
  11. I never did actually I just use an empi focus unit, until that breaks I'll use it. works pretty well.
  12. hey did u ever look into the L300 bioness to help with yr walkin, was readin up on it last night and saw some of yr posts on it. thanks

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