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  1. Kelly is my cousin. Her mom is my moms sister. My mom is Diana Pietro (Nault). Your kids names are not coming to me, but in my accident I also suffered a head injury and have problems with memory. I remember little from high school. I played volleyball. I will tell my dad you send your greetings, he and my mom are in Arizona for the winter. They just bought a small trailer down there to enjoy the warm weather. He has had his share of bad health in the last year. We almost lost him twice when his heart stopped. Luckily we got him back. He is still healing from a leg surgery, he almost lost his foot. They will be back in April some time.
  2. My son just reminded me that the girl who was my student was Kelly Pelto - not Pietro - so you probably don't know her.
  3. I knew Hank very well and I'm sure he remembers me. He can tell you many stories of run-ins we all experienced with our principal.

    I see you went to Westwood, which is why we didn't know each other. It's possible that you know my son Eric or daughter Emily since they're closer to your age. Are you related to Kelly Pietro? She was a student of mine.

    Looking forward to meeting you, and say hi to your dad for me. He's a good guy.
  4. Your name isnt ringing a bell but I bet my dad knows u. He was head maintenance at IHS for years. Henry Pietro. My name is Sarah Pietro, I am also on Facebook I will send a friend request. I am not on NM or PQ. I have a truck right now for my powerchair, but will be looking to get a van next time I am eligable. We are moving back end of May. I live out off of 581. Will be in touch.
  5. Wow, that is very cool. My real name is Steve Nyman and you can look me up on Facebook and read all about me there. BTW, my birthdate is wrong here - it's really 11/26/1949 so I'm a bit older than you. I'm also "ghoti" on both the NM and PQ message boards.

    I'm a C5 quad but have a van with a lift so my wife and I get around lots. I had to take an early retirement after my injury but was a chemistry and science teacher at IHS for many years.

    It would be great to meet up with you. Let's keep in touch.

  6. Hey! This is the first time I have seen u on the boards. I was born and raised in Ishpeming and will be moving back in May. I was injured in 2003 when I was a paramedic transfering a patient from the Soo to Lansing. I am a S1 para complete. I can walk but am still paralyzed from the waist down in the back of my legs and feet. I would really like to get to know you if you are interested.
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