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  1. Btw i use ketamine kitty now, had some privacy issues as this name is too closd to real and was compromised for my posts

  2. Ola, thanks for the note. I prepped for self termination in Jan sold/gave away 80% of my belongings. Central pain seizures 24 hours a day. Saw a new doc at bet israel in nyc. Stopped about half the seizures. Made me promise to hang in til this sept, and got me prialt. Net no pain relief. I'm so weary, depressed, and nothing left. Will honor the sept committment, but resumed cleaning out my life.

    No idea whats next. I endure for now and become more a recluse and have lost virtually all my friends, two part timers, and family have moved on.

    Just life. Like your pic you have a sparkle in your eyes, vry nice.

    I'll be here a while longer.


  3. Well its bee awhile since I've been online hence why I haven't stopped by. Then again I didn't have .any messages fro You or see any posts on My wall. I hope everything has been going well for You. As,I recall You were struggling last year about this. time. I hope things have have gotten better since.
  4. Hi Pixie,

    having an extremely bad run, thanks for the hi. posted in pain forum this AM with an overview. Had an EMG last week and have a full spinal myleogram Lumbar Thoracic and Cervical next tuesday. If I did not have the stim, a simple MRI would do it instead of a crappy invasive and uncomfortable myleogram. He's thinking I need a multilevel spinal fix L2-3 fusion (fused 3-4-5-S1) and T6-7, and now concerned about the cervical level based on new rapid onset severe symptoms.

    Wish me luck

    My neuro did say though that they really do work for some folks so if you go that way good luck.

    again thanks for the reach out.

  5. Hey There Stranger...just checking in on you. its been awhile since I last heard from you and I must admit I am getting a little worried. please take a moment to cruise by and say hello. Happy Positive enegry heading your way
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