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  1. Nice you got the tie dye gig for next year.
    It was neat to "walk" over there and see the action even though I had no ticket to stay and hear the music.
    I'm in pain right now, but was passing by the web site so thought I'd write some more to you.
  2. very glad we did get a minute though, it was a crazy fest for me. my tie Dye went over well, and I got a huge gig for next fest. I was very near the last moments on my feet that night. totaly wiped out by the heat.
  3. Jody,
    IT was nice to see you.
    I walked over there with my housemate.
    I felt like a VIP when the volunteer escorted me to the tent where you were working.
    He said he had to get back to his post and didn't want me looking for you to say goodbye.
    I spent a lot of money for two CDs and shirts for my brothers (twins turning 50).
    Did it get muddy the next day?
    You might be there still as I write this?
  4. I still need a local Dr here. I've thought of going to Grandview Hosp. to see if I could find one that's familiar with sci. I have a doctor at Magee.
    I hope you can find a doctor that you like.
  5. no. so far I can't find a dr who wants a sci patient.
  6. Thanks Jody. I may give him a call.
    It sounds interesting to be in a totally new place. Have you lived in the south, before?
  7. his name is guilio,(jooleeo) 267-342-3259
  8. Jody,
    Can I call you to get the number of your friend?
    Do you have the same phone?
  9. my friend who owns the recording studio is contracting again. I told him about you. want his number? he is a good guy.
  10. I could use either of those in one place. It has wierd nooks and crannies all over that need to be checked out by someone who knows about insulation. The hard part is finding people that actually think and know what to do. I called a handyman I found in the paper. He wasn't very talented, though. Plus I don't like people coming over unless I know I can trust them.
  11. you seem to have a good furnace, do you need caulk and foam stripping, or that expandable spray foam to fill in leaks?
  12. Nice that it's a little warmer there.
    It's freezing here.
    I hate that my place isn't well insulated.
  13. havnt seen a lot of it yet. people seem very polite, and friendly.
  14. Went to mom's for Xmas. One of my brothers was there, too.
    Sleeping more than usual. Watching TV and surfing the web. Not too productive, right now. How's SC?
  15. hi rich, I have no phone time but got your messege. I hope you have had a nice christmas. Im in south carolina. what have you been up too?
  16. Hi Jodi,
    We do live pretty close to each other.
    If you want I could meet you for coffee or something.
    Is there a place you like to go in Lansdale?
    I've been to Starbucks, there.
    Sometimes I take the train from Lansdale into Philadelphia.
  17. hi rich. I dont live too far from you.
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