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  1. Hey you added that look great. Ttyl.
  2. I replied again hopefully you'll get this one.
  3. Yes I got your reply last Wed. but then I repied to that and didn't get a reply. Just checking to see if you got it.
  4. Hey I sent you a nice lengthy response. I noticed you left a comment asking if you had scared me off right below it?? Did you get my message? Hope all wis well with you and yours. Talk to you soon
  5. I'll just send you a private message.
  6. Im a C567...not even two years in. Still trying to find some type of normal in my life. thought this site might be able to help me with that. What level are you?
  7. Hello to you and thank you. My boys are deffinately a bright spot in my life. What level was your injury?
  8. Hey There. You have a beautiful Family
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