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  1. Well I've been gone for over a year and it looks like You're still around. Why didn't You respond to any of My messages? I was worried about You. I guess I was worried for nothing. Reminds,Me why I left this,site.
  2. hey there , i`m fine , just find it hard to get online when you do , i am on most weekends from around 8 am my time , not sure what time that is for you so you can catch me then , i miss our chats as well , take care chat real soon
  3. Hey you where are ya. I miss you. I hope evrything is alright. I realize sometimes we all just need to talk a break. Come back soon
  4. Hey Girl,Sorry I have been MIA lately. My life has been tied up with drama.Unwanted drama. I will tell ya about it when I chat with you which I have missed. I hope this message finds you happy and healthy. Reach out..let me know when youre online
  5. Hey Becks....I hope you are having a good weekend.Mine is about as good as it gets..which between you and could be a whole lot better.Hope to run into you in chat soon.Miss our talks.take care.
  6. Hey Sweetie...I am so sorry I missed you just a bit ago. I was so busy writing a message that I failed to notice my icon above saying I had a message. You were
    gone by the time I saw,read and went to the chat room. "BOOHOOHOO" I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Didnt make it out to the lake today unfortunately. Hopefully next weekend. Talk to you soon.
  7. hey girl...yup..Im me in the chat room
  8. Hey girl..hoping to see you on here again real soon.
  9. Hi was nice chatting with you early this morning(for me) I hope to find you in the chat room again but will stop by from time to time to say HI. I'd like to learn more about you if you don't mind sharing.
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