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  1. Hey PixieGirl, the new van is working out nicely, I now have it dialed in for me and I am enjoying it. Sorry to hear you were having a bad day the other day; I hope things are better for you now!
  2. Hey Brian...Tell me something good will ya. I sure could use some good news. Hows your Van working out for ya?How old is your injury?I think its great for those of you that drive.Me scars run deep and am nowhere near being ready to get behind the wheel.Its hard enough just being the passenger.I hope youre having a great weekend.Stop by sometime.
  3. Hey PixieGirl, all is well. Weekend was good, we got a lot of snow on Sunday though. Headed out tomorrow to pick up a new (used) van and hoping I made the right choice.
  4. Hey There,Hope you are having a great weekend.Dont be a stranger..let me know all is good with you.
  5. Noticed you stopped by my page..just wanted to say
    HI. Hope you have a good day.
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