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  1. i haven't been showing myself around here lately, glad to see you wrote, this month has been good, another year of my life has gone by, still trying to figure out what to do with my life, i'm taking some online classes for web design, rolln around with the dog a lot

    how bout you, how've you been, anything new with you?

    sean k
  2. How goes it
  3. hi there..whats new.Thought I would stop by since you never do.HAHA Enjoy your weekend and dont be a stranger
  4. Hey..Yeah I'm getting the swing of things,Thanks to my daughter.I need to take my usb from my old notebook and download all my "stuff" off that before I can upload any pictures on my profile Will be working on that later today.Wish me luck!!
    Phoenix is a stones throw. Downtown Phoenix where Chase Field is,isn't even 30min from my home.It was Bank One Ballpark not too long ago.The Turf for the Baseball games was called BOB Sod.It was a big deal.Everyone wanted BOB Sod in their front yards for landscape.Too Funny.
    I read your story.As all our stories are,it was quite sad and I am sorry.I take it you still follow Motor Cross.Thats crazy you were here in my territory.What are the odds..right?
    Have a GREAT Day.Talk to you soon.
  5. hi pg, thanks for stopping by, how's it going, did you figure out this site and uploading pictures? i just got back from phoenix, az today, don't know if that is anywhere near you, i had a great time, the 2nd round of Supercross was at chase field saturday, awesome races

    drop by again some time,
    sean k
  6. Hi..I happened to find stumble across this site tonight and while I was wandering around I came across your photo. I am trying to get my profile up and running. It will get there. I thought I would say HI and I rolled on by.
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