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  1. Hey Colin...r u on Facebook? I am under dougie hones (diddlindoug)
  2. name is Doug... I have had the handle diddlindoug for a long time on yahoo and other sites, so I use it everywhere to keep it all easy. I am a t3 para and live with my dad has dementia and my Mom still works. I am currently in Ohio, but was in DC for almost 12 years before i had an accident involving a window, Abba and some alcohol. It is almost the ann of the accient...June 4th, 2007. wow... doesnt seem that long, but at times seems like a lifetime.
  3. Your name's Doug ?
  4. Hi there Colin. I too have been healing a wound on my sacrum area for about 4 years. I refuse to do the flap surgery, but looks like we might have to do it now anyways. Are you are on Facebook? would love to hear about Bama and about ya a bit more...are ya single?
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