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  1. Hi Dr. Young,

    In your opinion, would receiving mesenchymal, adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood at Wu stem cell hospital in China, provide any efficacy for treating MS (PPMS vs. RRMS). Cervical lesion is over 4 inches long with flame shape at ends, so I was first thought to have Devic's. Thoracic lesion is 1.5 inches. I can walk, but right leg is very weak. Wu docs recommend fetal neural stem cells, but I have ethical issues with these and don't think that they are safe. Their second choice is the umbilical cord stem cells, followed by my own pelvic bone marrow hematopoetic SC. Due to my age, (50), they don't think the latter would work well. We'd all like a cure, but am I being stupid and imprudent to want to try this? Thank you.
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