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  1. Cristina,

    It is a difficult problem, as you know. the spiral fracture needs to heal. To heal, the bone must be immobilized. There are several possible ways of doing so, including pinning the bone. Stanford University (Palo Alto VA) and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center have spinal cord injury centers. However, this is not a problem that requires a SCI specialist. Any orthopedic surgeon should understand that casting a person with no sensation may lead to pressure sores and special care must be taken to avoid such sores. Why don't you post this on the Care Forum? You should be able to get much better responses that I can give. Thanks.

  2. This is Cristina sci-c6. I broke my tibia bone (spiral fracture) 3 weeks ago. I am on a cast. In spite of my concerns re complications, the orthopedist still put a cast on my leg. He took it off 2 weeks after and found an inch 1/2 in diameter pressure spot behind my hill. Yet he puts another cast and will take it off in a week to check how the skin is doing (?)

    I realized that the treatment I am getting is way far from your recommendations on how to treat a sci bone fracture.

    I've lived in San Francisco, CA for the past 9 years and have not yet found a SCI specialist.

    Can you guide me a bit please? Do you know of any sci specialist here in SF (or close) that could work in collaboration with the orthopedist? What is the right way to treat this? Now that I already have a pressure spot, should I keep wearing a hard cast? Is there an alternative to it? How about surgery?
    Please, any information you can give me I would deeply appreciate.

    Thank you,
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