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  1. Donnette,

    I don't know if any of the following will helpful. I am not aware of the particular procedure and place where it is being offered. There are literally hundreds of millions of people with the sirname of Li. None of the so-called stem cell therapies that are being offered in China are based on credible evidence. The Ministry of Health in China is clamping down on cell transplantation. I understand that, after November 2009, there will be no more cell transplnat procedures in China that is not approved directly by the China Ministry of Health. I don't know how how long this place will be able to provide whatever this cell transplant therapy is.

  2. Hi Dr. Young,
    My name is Donnette and I take care of a SCI patient. He is preparing to got to China for the stem cell treatment at the end of this year. He will have the procedure at Shijiazhuang and the head doctor is DR Li. Do you know anything about the doctors there or about the success rate from that centre? He really just wants some comfront to know he will see improvement in his life and it's spending money for nothing. Pleases respond with any advice you can give us. Thank You
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