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  1. Hi dr wise I'm hoping I'm doing I damaged my conus and cauda equina. I have feeling in both of my legs except for my right foot. But I can feel hot water and t and my groin t when I am trying to stimulate myself by looking at porn or thinking of women I get strong tingling feelings . I can walk pretty good except I have a limp because my right very strong. My hamstrings are weak and needs strengthening my calves don't work. Very well but they can feel small contractions with them. I have plantar flextion but not very strong. I'm a complete injury paraplegic and I am wondering my chances with bowel bladder and sexual functions coming back. And what is a good inexpensive way to ejaculate because I do want a child but I don't know what to do because of a conus cauda equina injury. My e mail address is I would like to talk to someone I have lots of questions and concerns. I'm not very good on this site
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