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    I apologize that I did not see your message to me until just now. I am sorry to hear about your daughter and understand how the last 7 weeks must have been hell. I don't have any personal experience with neuroblastomas in somebody so young. C7 is indeed the main spinal cord segment that controls the triceps. However, C6 and C8 also contribute to the triceps. In a person who is so young and has yet to develop, I suspect that any deficit at C7 could be compensated for by C6 and C8 over time. I think that your daughter will improve, get off the respirator, and recover most of her function. The weaning should start as soon as her lungs are able to get enough oxygen. The longer they wait, the harder it will be to wean. Things happen very quickly with kids and I suspect that she is probably off the respirator now. Wise.
  2. Dr.Young. My 3 week old daughter was admitted to the University of Michigan Childrens Hospital because she wasn't gaining enough weight and had "floppy" arms. They found neuroblastoma on her spine from c3-t2 that was compressing her spine. It has been 3 weeks since the surgery and she is now moving her legs, biceps, toes, and a little finger and wrist movement. We tried to extubate twice and she breathed on her own for 6 hours each time but then began laboring and collapsed a lung each time. Her diaphragm and intercostal muscles work, they just need to be stronger. She has a trach and ventilator and she is breathing over the vent and doesn't need oxygen. She is showing small improvement all the time, but she has still not shown any movement in her triceps. I understand that C7 is where that is controlled, so if everything above and below that seems to work ok, will the triceps control concievably return? Also, when should they start the process of trying to wean her off the vent?
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