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    They also say, that stem cell treatment would principally develop axons/dendrites in Neuron which actually pass signals. With the maturity of implanted neural stem cells, the new neural cells and the patient’s own neural cells will connect and a network will be established so that the neural system will be reconfigured. Stem cells will be directed to the damaged area and the treatment will control the stem cells’ differentiation and neural functioning expression, so that the patient’s neural system will be reconfigured and repair the patients’ part of the lesion of neural roots.
    My sensory are recovered almost. And from motory perspective, it's below knee, I have less power. I cannot rotate or tap feet. I have duck and slow walk. But can walk independent. Cannot stay more than 5 seconds.
    Awaiting for your comments
  2. Respected Dr Wise Young,

    Can you please comment about neural stem cells for recovery awaited from partial Spinal Cord Injury #L1 .
    Neural stem cells coming from the neural system of the fetus (less than 4 months old) which are collected and further processed. Hosptial in China where I may look forward for treatment is saying that these stem cells will not differentiate into any other kind of cells except neuron precursors. To date, they have treated just over 1,700 patients and in the past 5 years of administering the stem cell treatment there have been no cases of cell rejection, or the development of tumors.
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  3. Dr Young,

    I am from India and patient of Dr. Alok Sharma. In fact, he suggested me to this forum. I am L1 partial but recovered to good extent. But not full and critical. I can walk but like a penguin due to foot drop. I cannot stand on my own for more than 2-3 secs. I want to undergo Adult Stem Cell Treatment. Pls help.
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