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  1. Hi Tilite,
    My name is David I sent you a pm about my new Tilite chair problem.
  2. Hello Again,
    Thank you for your last post answering my first questions and I have a couple more about the zra 2. How do the rear wheel spacers work? If I wanted to increase my spacing to my rear wheels do you add spacers onto the axles or do spacers get put onto the axle sleeves? Also do spinergy wheels require a spacer kit because I was gonna order a chair with regular wheels and then put my spinergy wheels I on that I'm using now.
  3. Hello,

    I'm thinking about getting a zra 2 and I need:
    Seat width 17in
    seat depth 17in
    Front seat to floor 19in
    Rear seat to floor 16in

    I know I think the chair has 3.5in of rear seat to floor adjustment so would I have like 1.5in to adjust seat to floor up or down from my 16in spec? Also with a 17 x 17 seat does the upholstery actually measure 17 x 17 because I use a 16in deep roho because there is no 17in option?
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