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  1. Sorry, saw that a bit late. Thank you, I hope you had a great Christmas too! It was our daughters first, she got way too much stuff!
  2. Merry Christmas Big K
  3. Whats up Big K, I just checked out the lines you dropped me. First I wanna ask you hows the wife doing with the pregnancy? I kno you've gotta be excited, I kno I was both times we found out we had a lil one on the way. Ya I go to Ross Park mall all the time. Its actually about 12 mins from my house. I live in Greentree. Those pics I put up are from a bar b que i had over the summer and some were from when I took the family and friends to disney world. Man your so close we're gonna have to link up and hang out one day. The weathers kind oif shitty right now but when its warm lets do something. Well take care Big K, hit me up later when u get a chance.
  4. Hey Han. It's nice to see your pics. I finally get to put a face to a name LOL. I hate being friends with someone online and not even knowing what they look like. I see you like to BBQ it up. We definitely need to hang out sometime. You would love my ribs! They are bomb biggity. You would love my gameroom and bar I have downstairs and my house is extremely handi friendly. Remember, I live in Pittsburgh too in the North Hills in Ross Township so you are probably just a short car trip away : )
  5. Sorry, just saw your message (I was really busy yesterday) I hope you and your family had a great one too! My wife and I are now 9 weeks pregnant and we had both our families over yesterday to tell them the great news for the first time. We had to do IVF because of my injury but we are so thankfull we even had the oppurtunity and it worked on the first try surprisingly (nothing ever works out for us like that) and we are having 1 baby and won't know for a few weeks if it's a boy or girl. You have kids dont you? Maybe you could give me a few pointers on raising kids from a chair? Take care bud.
  6. Whats up Big K, I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Take care and may the force be with you!
  7. Whats up Big K, I also went to Harmarville, its a great rehab. If I had a choice, Id do out-patient there. I did go to UPMC on the southside and it was great, but Health South was definately better. Im not taking anything away from UPMC but thats just my opinion. If you need any more info on that type of stuff, just ask. Take care Big K, and may the force be with you!
  8. Hey Han. I was just wondering which rehab you went to in this area. I have been to HealthSouth Harmarville twice but if I need to go one more time in the future I was thinking of going to UPMC SouthSide rehab. The one nurse that works for my workers comp company said she swears by UPMC because they are one of the few "Model Programs" in the country. Got any good input?
  9. Hey Han, you getting ready for the big game man? We are going to destroy them! I'm not supposed to sit up yet because of some wounds on my bottom but i'm going to have to this Sunday! The big TV and high def is in the living room. Go Steelers!!!
  10. Whats up BigK, Im sorry I just got your message but its cool to have someone around this area to chat and send info to. I only been hurt for a year and a half but I got a good idea of places to go and things to do while paralyzed. Actually, the skys the limit because just about everywhere here is handicapped accessible. I dont often check thi part of the messages so if youd like to leave me one then send me a personal message then everytime I click mon this Ill be able to see that I have a mesage. Keep you head up and get back to me.
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