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  1. Yeah ya gotta be careful. You look great and the vacation pics look so relaxing - I need to plan me a proper vacation too. I'm doing good, I'm seeing a european man who's working here in las vegas and I'm set to start school in the fall and am really excited bout that. Well it was so good to hear from you and am glad you're doing well
  2. Hey.......look at you all sexy in pink. You go girl!!!! Gosh i jus love your attitude and smile, you got this whole SCI thing licked dont you?? Been gone for too long, getting my life together and trying to cope. Life is good and I am blessed. I had a fall yesterday but THANK goodness i did not break a hip. Gotta b more careful. How r u doin???
  3. Miss Evonne, I haven't said hello in awhile, I thought about you the other day, I'm sure you're busy and doing well
  4. I have a tilite ZRa. Where's the blood clot? that doesn't sound too good.
  5. Jerri....what kind of chair did u get??? is it one of those light weight, slick, quicky chairs they make for women??? Yeah....the constip. is still not perfect but sure is better. Dammit if i could get that fixed I would be in pretty good shape....oh and fix the nerve pain too, and my rt. hand, and my blood clot, and......ha ahaha the story of our lives huh

  6. Hi Evonne, I'm doing really well. I've been playing with this new wc and I'm really digging it. I've also been doing some traveling which is always fun. I read that you've seem to have figured out your constipation problems, I'm glad to hear this that must have sucked for you. Thanks for checking in with me and saying "hi" Jerri
  7. Hey Silly girl, how goes it. You been up to anything cool and exciting theses days?? Just wanted to check in and say what's up and see what's

  8. Hey Evonne, good to hear from you, I was wondering how ya been doing, haven't seen you on in awhile, I hope you're doing well also . Jerri
  9. You go HOT Mama..I LOVE the hair. I am so envious. I used to be able to comb mine like that all the time too, my quad hands suck so it's too hard for me now. Mine is so curly so I have to straighten. You look beautiful, hope all is well lovely lady

  10. Have a Merry Christmas Miss Evonne
  11. k dont forget to get a flu shot if u r not sick anymore n u have not got one mine last wk and took Matt & Andy in today-good uck
  12. Thanks, I am feeling better, but still going to doc tomorrow. I hope you're doing well too
  13. i just looked t your cool. i am so jealous of your long, pretty, dark, straight, shiny hair....he he can u tell??
  14. hey r u feelin better, i hope u r not sick anymore.

  15. I am very happy, thanks for your kind words. my hair is super thick and straight, I would love to have curly hair like yours. I have limited hand function too and I manage to use a curling iron just keep practicing you'll get better. Jerri
  16. the new pic. your hair looks so long ,beautiful n healthy. mine used to be, even getting it into a ponytail is a sttruggle 4 me, thank goodness my husbnd has gotten good at it mine is so curly and difficule to deal with. it used to take me an hour to blow-dry it and flat iron it b4 my sci, but now my limited hand function makes it impossible. You look all happy n beautiful

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