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  1. yeah i've never watched glee. i'm not a drama musical type person. i know there's comedy to that show, but i'm ok with not venturing down that road.
  2. Assuming you watch Glee, saying it in an assertive, Rachel Berry-like tone could help scare away the eager-to-help-yet-creepy types.

    I'll quit while I'm ahead.
  3. they'd definitely think i'm high if i ever introduced myself as that
  4. Magical fungi are our friends.

    Let me know how the intro goes if you ever use it. Methinks you'd get an odd look or two.
  5. i think you've been sampling some funky elements of the fungi kind, but i thought it was funny and it made total sense to me. maybe i'm sampling the same things!
  6. Songs from Marry Poppins popped in my mind this morning and I thought: can I still spell that one? I tried and succeeded.

    Pondering the song a bit more, it hit me! You should introduce yourself with "My name is Cali, you may have heard of me before. I'm the Super Cali from supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?"

    Yes, I'm lame.
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